Principles of stage management process

Basically the principles of stage management process is the right people, right position, right time. Before looking for people to be placed in a certain position then the first set of organizational structure will be used. Each position in the organization then has to be explained the scope of duties, responsibilities, and expertise and skills presupposed known as the position description (job description) and the requirements of the position (job requirement). Based on these two things just made the staffing process. 

Settings (directing) is an attempt to mobilize the resources owned by the organization in order to move in a single unit in accordance with the plans that have been made. In this process stage contained the efforts of how to motivate people to be able to work well, how the leadership process that enables the achievement of objectives and can provide an atmosphere of good working relationships, and how to coordinate people and activities within an organization. 

Basically, the working people have the motivation is different. If this motivation can be identified and then stimulated with the right to expect that person will have good performance. The process of good leadership must consider the motivation aspect. 

Supervising is defined as direct interaction between individuals in an organization to achieve performance and organization goals. 

With regard to the stages of this process have recognized the existence of a certain condition in the organization of the phenomenon of formal and informal groups within an organization. Formal groups are groups that can be seen on the official organizational structure established by management to perform a particular task or activity. May arise, however a different informal groups with a formal group. This group could form a strong structure with their own leaders and perhaps their own rules too. 

This informal group to support the organization but also can hamper the organization. Control this stage should be able to overcome possible resistance of this informal group. How to maintain the relationship between individuals and also between the formal-informal group to do well. Control is the process of determining what has been achieved, the performance evaluation process, and if necessary repairs carried out in accordance with a predetermined plan. This activity is closely associated with planning activities for the control of activities is planned to be seen whether that can be achieved or not. 

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