The positive side property investment in Indonesia

The positive side property investment in Indonesia

Security of capital 

Property as an investment in the view is one option or the investment portfolio. With regard to this, as the implications of capital accumulation and the accumulation of income save provide views to the owners of capital to secure capital. As one investment option, the property also becomes a means to secure capital.

 Personal control 

Based on the basic legality of the ownership of the property which is very tight and strong, of course, as the implications of such ownership than investors as the owners have a very strong control of the relevant property management.


Pride of ownership

Property investors have a motive other than pure investment; they also feel the pride of ownership property. For an easy description of a rapidly growing company and has a prestige in the market will want to complement the prestige of having a magnificent office building and in accordance with the nuance and vision of the company. For example, almost all major state enterprises, companies and multinational conglomerates have their own building as the central office.


Personal use and occupancy

Associated with the company's business growth, the company's prestige in the eyes of the market will also increase. In addition, growth will also enhance the accumulation of capital growth or capital owned by the company. Typically, a supporter of such prestige and is also supported by the ability capital, the company will control their own property to be used, such as central offices, the internal accommodation facilities, room to entertain important company, or other internal use.


High operating yield

Property itself has a performance that allows for a level of high investment returns from income operations. This can be seen from the property returns a relatively higher compared to other investor’s portfolio.


Investment property is people with limited budgets are able to control or manage a large property investment. This may occur because of the loan which adds the ability for investment capital. To illustrate the property investment climate in Indonesia is the debt to equity ratio can reach 70%: 30%.

 Tax shelter factor

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