Planning is the process

Planning is the process of election information and making assumptions about the situation in the future to formulate activities that need to be done in the framework of achieving the goals set previously. 

There are various forms of the plan which is basically divided into: Policy (policy), is a plan that explains the overall limitations of the general and comprehensive specialty in which the implementation activities. Procedures, is the plan that describe the actions that must be made to perform an activity. Method, is the plan that describe the actions that must be made to perform an activity. Standard, which is a description of the achievement of the expected activities planned. Budget, the plan on the receipt and expenditure of money in an activity. Program, is a comprehensive plan concerning the use of resources, including the integrated implementation of the schedule activities. 

In addition, planning can also be viewed from the point of the coverage period of time or (horizon) plan. There are plans to reach the length of time or more, known more as long plan (strategic), eg 5-year plan for the future. On the other hand there are plans shorter time range, eg one-year plan for even one month to come, which is referred to as the operational plans (tactical). 

The steps that need to be done in preparing the plan in general is as follows: 
Defining the problem clearly planned and well in accordance with its intended purpose. Collecting information related to activities that may occur in order to achieve that goal. Conducting analysis of information can be gathered up and classification interests. Define the boundaries of planning. Define alternatives plan. 
Choosing a plan that will be used from the alternatives available. Setting up the steps of a more detailed scheduling and implementation. Conducting re-examination (review) against the proposed plan before the plan implemented.

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