investment business win-win solution

Indonesia adult this is a country that is being sought in the foreign investors as the third investment after China and India as a natural resource that is big enough. 
With the potential for a great place for investment in Indonesia, there is an opportunity that must first get profit compared to employers and other countries. 

But investment in Indonesia, Malaysia no longer run the old system such as the purchase of land, but more to the business of 'win-win solution' (each other) as to the business of processing, which require technology and property. 

He disputed the cooperation that Indonesia, Malaysia and North Sumatra in particular, always the more profitable Malaysia. The investment property Penang Island, Malaysia, North Sumatra to reach 200 million Ringgit Malaysia, the number is much larger rather than a businessman North Sumatera since 2007-2009 that is still equal to 30 million Malaysian Ringgit. 

The State Minister for Religious Affairs Domestic Trade and Customer Affairs Pulau Penang, Malaysia, Abduk Hajj Malik Kassim affirm, in the midst of global crisis, the government and inter-country, especially Indonesia and Malaysia, should further increase cooperation.

Cooperation that has been built for this should be improved, such as “halal” trade products that are new trends in various countries, including property.

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