Investment in the development sector Train

Investment in the development sector Train
Department of Transportation budget will contribute to the improvement of facilities, infrastructure and optimize the function train station in West Java in 2009 was Rp. 200 billion. Interest for people to ride the train increased, it is not separated from the role of preparedness and Reliability to its facilities and infrastructure. The opportunity is not to be separated, the addition and maintenance of infrastructure facilities have become a part in it should be. 

Ministry of Transportation said, his side will also bring back the station-station along the path South and North Channel with the halt to haul passenger train. Special routes for Bandung - Tasikmalaya - Banjar, the Government plans to open routes Train Rail Diesel Elektrik (KRDE) that stop at every station in the south of the path. 

With a halt KA, the interaction with the community station will be more intensive. Finally, the station-station to be more alive. The Governor of that pack KRDE path that will be launched in 2009 is not only in the area but serve Bandung Bandung - Banjar.

Development of rail routes Station-Station Tanjung Priok Kota Jakarta cost of Rp. 20 billion. During this build facilities to train spend Rp 20 billion. Funds that use 2009.Dana fund budget is allocated for developing rail Tanjung Priok Ancol-Kampung Bandan-Jakarta Kota. The plan, the train will be developed into the concept of heritage tourism routes. In addition to a number of improvements and the creation of the train, the government also will do in the area and population relocation. Jakarta Government District/ Pemda will perform data collection in the vicinity of the railway line. In addition, the government will also conduct development, approaches to economic, physical, and social. The Government has not set the time to do the relocation. Relocate not know because they were all styled. We are also collecting data Head Family