Guidelines approach and method used in valuation

Guidelines approach and method used in valuation 

Valuer are obliged to use at least two assessment approaches, as follows: Market Data Approach (market data approach, Sales Comparison Approach or Comparative Method); Income Approach); and Cost Approach. 

Valuer can only use one approach, in case there are conditions as follows: The nature and type of object that a special assessment because they do not have a market value approach, the data so that the market can not be applied; Objects assessment does not have market value because of the nature and type of object in the assessment industry The specific approach so that the data the market can not be applied; assessment of land where there are only market data so that only the market data approach can be applied; and conditions or company that has been declared the company is bankrupt “pailit” or will be liquidated. 

For the assessment of land empty, valuer can only use the data market. 
Valuer are obliged to choose and apply the approach, methods and assessment procedures are in accordance with the purpose of the assessment, the definition of the value of searching and characteristics assessment. 
Valuer are obliged to reveal the reasons and explanations for each approach and methods used. You can see …….. next. (ujp.pangaloan@gmail.com)

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