Machinery and equipment item value

This understanding is developed with the aim of improving knowledge skills and competence of assessors Machinery & Equipment in carrying out the assessment, and the ability to prepare and present reports to the user appraisal services. An appraiser machinery and equipment is expected to have knowledge and insight will each aim of the assessment, methods and techniques that are relevant, appropriate standards and guidelines, as well as any rules and requirements that must be executed in conducting assessment work.

Knowledge is like: General knowledge will the main factors that have an influence on values, such as government policies, economic conditions, market pressures, technology and development, assessment objects specifications, etc. Fundamentals and applications of assessment standards Indonesia and other relevant assessment standards Practice principles professional judgment and responsibility
Legal principles underlying assets such as machinery and equipment, such as regulation and its impact on the value of Ability to prepare and present the assessment report to service users and other professionals. Understanding the importance of independence and objectivity. Understanding the purpose of assessing and areas that require assessment services.

Knowledge of various types of machinery & equipment, factories, support facilities, technology, and system installation Knowledge of field inspections and relevant information to be collected
Ability to analyze and interpret data comparison Knowledge of the application of methods and techniques contained in the assessment of machinery and equipment. Understanding of the level of service required assessment services, ranging from the desktop valuation a thorough assessment, as an expert witness in valuation for the purposes of litigation, to the other services that are broad and can be developed in machinery & equipment appraisal services.

Inspection is a very important factor in the assessment of machinery and equipment. Therefore, knowledge and understanding of the field inspections, such as machine design, use, damage, etc., is the main condition required of a machinery and equipment appraiser.

Knowledge and skill are like: A basic knowledge of construction and specifications of machinery and equipment understanding of the reasons and the need for inspections and equipment carried machinery asset understand the factors of safety in conducting inspections skills in collecting field data, such as design, specification, and the characteristics of assets, as well as the installation
Knowledge of the benefits of the asset used and machinery and equipment are assessed, which affect the value of Knowledge in identifying potential damages and the implications of the machinery and equipment

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