Indonesia tourism options

Indonesia tourism options. Indonesia is a rich country. Not only rich in natural resources, but also rich in the variety of cultural and natural scenery. However, much natural beauty and unique traditions that have not been unpublished Indonesia  widely internationally. Shareholders targets 6.5 million tourists will visit in 2009 in the framework of Visit Indonesia Year. Currently, tourists to Indonesia  had 4 million more people.

Makassar Losari icon Visit the town with the first ranking of tourist visits during 2009. "Within the city of Makassar in 2009's destinations (goals) of the foreign tourists and the archipelago. With the number of visitors who stop at Makassar around 6,000 people. With that amount, he added, was ranked one of Makassar in Indonesia, with percentages around 65 percent followed by the city of Minangkabau in second place with 63 percent followed by the percentage of Kuantan with 56 persen.Kita expect the Government to Makassar city known as 'Anging Mammiri' can be a world city. According to him, Makassar is also a charming town has a tourist destination than Losari Beach pavilion. Among other Fort Fort Rotterdam in the middle of the city and a symbol of Dutch colonial heritage in the sixteenth century. Losari Beach  pavilion addition we have the Fort Fort Rotterdam, the port Paotere, the tomb of Joseph and Trans Syech studio became a magnet for foreign tourists is the biggest indoor theme park in world.

The arrival of foreign tourists to Bali during the January-Augusts 2009 recorded 1,464,738 people or 12.8 percent increase compared to same period in 2008 recorded 1,296,046 people. That means the international community that comes directly from his country to the island resort is not affected terrorism in Indonesia. To all the tourists who will visit the island of Bali to always use the hotel services which have safety certificates and safety standardization or use the "travel agent" is authorized, and if you can use the hotel stay certified.

Lake Toba party will feature a variety of cultural attractions, in addition will also hold a variety of traditional sports event. In this scene will appear, among others, performances of traditional dance and costumes, special dance performances of dance Batak tor-mentor and a number of races, such as fishing and swimming competitions in Lake Toba. Vocal competition bringing a group with local songs and many other activities, including the appearance of a number of cultural attractions other regions outside of North Sumatra, which in turn was expected to attract tourists to attend. May First to Exciting Lake Toba, North Sumatra Tourism in an effort to improve the regional economy "was designed to highlight local culture and empowerment of local economic potential that will benefit the local community welfare

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