Sample: Declaration of free conflicts of Interest in report valuation

Some times we need do Declaration of free conflicts of Interest in report like this: KJPP pangaloan (Company Valuer), address at Jl. maharta, Central Jakarta, in this case represented by Mr. pangaloan, MAPPI (cert) as the Managing Director of, and therefore legitimate and authorized to act for and on behalf of and represent PT XXX, (hereinafter referred to as "Service Provider Evaluation") has been appointed by PT. XYZ (Persero) (hereinafter "Assessment Service Recipient") under the Service Contract Agreement 079/P-15/VI/2009 Tax Assessment dated June 20, 2009 (hereinafter referred to as "Assessment Services Agreement") to assist PT XXX in doing work , in connection with this assessment Serviced declare things as follows;  

Valuation Service Provider, representative or human resources ( "HR") Valuation Service Provider has no conflict of interest referred to in the form below: 

the relationship of economic interests directly, contact the association or other relationship (including family relationships) related to the scope of work in accordance with the Assessment Services Contract Agreement;

the relationship of economic interests that are not directly related to the implementation of the material duties under this Agreement Evaluation Services Contract;

Valuation Service Provider and Service Provider Valuation HR is not involved in activities that potentially or directly cause conflicts of interest during the period of assignment, and after two years of completion of assignment except with the permission of PT XYZ;

Assessment of the Serviced hereby agrees that in the event of a conflict of interest as mentioned above, the PT XYZ entitled to terminate this Agreement and Contract Service Provider Valuer assessment fully responsible for the legal consequences that happen as well as provide compensation if the result of a conflict of interest is detrimental PT XYZ nor any other party.

This statement is made and signed on June 25, 2009 by the legitimate representatives of the Valuation Service Provider

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