Valuation practice the hotel property

Evaluator in assessing the hotel required to obtain an adequate understanding of prohibited and considered an important stage with one that ignores the other phases, over the stages as follows: 
 Conducting inspection in accordance with the provisions of the public and include: land, including the shape and size; the price of land in a location that is comparable to the location of the object assessment and allotment of land utilization and the assessment of the object. 
 Analyzing the data, among others: the development of tourist areas around; the number of hotels in the vicinity; hotel that competitors; tariff hotel rooms in the vicinity; and the level of the dwelling in the area around the hotel. 
 Analyze advantages and disadvantages of the object assessment compared with the hotel competitors, among other locations, themes and architectural hotel. 
 Conducting inspection of the assessment object, among other physical condition, and treatment facilities. 
 Obtain information from the hotel management about conditions that affect the income of the hotel, which became the object assessment. 
In making the assessment, Evaluation obliged to apply the following approaches: Approach Market Data; Income Approach and Evaluation In this approach can not use the comparison of data and market approach or income, the cost approach can be used to fulfill the conditions 

In the case of the income approach is used, the method used that compulsory is discounted cash flow method and the resulting value reflects the value of the hotel as one unit. 
 In case the income approach is used, then the following mandatory done: Obtain and analyze the report profit and loss, at least five (5) last year, with the exception of the hotel that operates for less than five (5) years; income that is used is directly related income activities with the hotel; make adjustments in the accounts that are not normal in the profit and loss reports. Making a pro profit and loss adjustments based on the results of the report profit and loss; make a profit and loss projection of at least five (5) years, on the basis of pro profit and loss and profit and loss projection, which is produced is used as the primary method of discounted cash flow . 
 What made compulsory in the use of the method cash flow in the hotel property evaluate, among other things: Make the most revenue projection is less five (5) years, consisting of, among others: 
o room Earnings; Income Food and Beverages; Income and other related activities directly with the hotel. 
o Create a projection of operational costs (Operating Cost) at least five (5) years old and consists of variable costs, fixed costs and the costs of backup 
o reduce the income projection with the operational cost projections for the net operating income before interest and taxes; 
o determine the level of capitalization and 
o do Capitalization net operating income (net operating income) for estimated value of the hotel.

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