Guidelines practical for the valuation Land

In the valuation of the property, the market value of the land is the market value of the land both in the type of land not yet developed, land ready to be built, land with buildings over the building to be developed into a more productive, and the land has been developed in accordance with the applicable allotment. 
Things that need to be considered in the valuation of land include: 
 the ability of economic land in relation to productivity and economic strategy; and 
 position or location of the land. 
Approaches and methods that can be used in assessing the land is: 
 data market comparison approach; market value of land obtained directly compare the data with the sale or purchase of data, in the approach to market data and data comparison, both buying and selling data, obtained from the compulsory association assessors; 
 Revenue approach with the residual method Technology; market value of land obtained by reducing the value of the overall valuation that the object can be through the income approach, with the value of buildings, infrastructure and facilities, and items other than the valuation of land located on the top of the valuation object, with the income approach method residual Technology; 
 Approach residual income with the Technology method is used only in the case: find the market value of the land allocated for commercial buildings, such as office buildings, hotels, shopping centres and apartments; and Used in the case, the association can be scorer did not provide data or buying and selling transactions of the valuation of the location of the object. 
 Method value ratio of the total property value of the land, and the market value of land acquired by a certain ratio (between the value of the property with a value of the land) with a value of the property, in the method of total property value ratio of the value of land and the ratio between the value of the property with a value of the land required obtained from the assessors' association. 

 method of land. Following compulsory met, among others: the market value of land obtained by reducing the selling price of land ripe with development costs and costs associated with kaveling/zoned or development of land, development land in methodology; can be used only when the object is located on the valuation of the region developing; Objects have an valuation of site plan approved by the local government; Objects and the valuation is not as a reforestation area, in the form of valuation items blank or raw land. 

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