In Valuation land with the assumption that the land is empty, or land with buildings, facilities following equipment are there in the top (environmental infrastructure, social facilities, and public utilities) is the concept of economic development. Therefore, both land and empty land that has been built in so-called real estate. Economic value will be created based on the usefulness real estate, or based on the capacity to satisfy the needs and aspirations of the people. Matters related unique is, in general, durability, location, supply is relatively limited, and the usefulness of the specific areas of land concerned. In the context of economic value is measured in monetary terms, and is determined by the willingness and ability of individuals and organizations to translate the usefulness real estate in monetary terms.

Valuer meant that they understand and apply the disciplines of economics, especially related to the preparation and reporting of the assessment. As a professional, assessors must meet the requirements of education, training, competence and professional skills continuously. They must also show a high moral stance with respect to Code of Ethics Valuer Indonesia (KEPI), conduct practice with the professional assessment refers to Indonesia Standard Valuation (SPI).

 Price change from time to time due to the impact of special and general economic, social, and cultural. General aspects can lead to changes in the price level and the ability of purchasing power in general. Meanwhile, changes in specific aspects, such as technology development, may change the demand and supply, and lead to significant price changes.

 Many general principles that apply in the assessment of the property, especially the use of the principles of supply and demand, competition, substitution, anticipated or expectations, and other changes. These principles influence directly or indirectly to the level of functionality, productivity and property. Therefore, it can be said that the uses of the property reflects the combined effect of all of the strength of the market value of establishing a property

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